Tivolska 48, SI-1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 40 55 44 55

Registration number: 3988937000
Tax ID number: SI35315652

MIA NATURA d.o.o., Tivolska 48, SI-1000 Ljubljana is registered with the Ljubljana District Court, Entry Number: Srg 2011/22808, Registration Number: 3988937000, Tax ID number: SI35315652. Share capital: EUR 8,000.00.


The Provider undertakes to make the following information accessible to the Buyer at all times:
a) Company identity (company name and registered office, register entry number);

  1. b) Contact information enabling the User to communicate quickly and effectively (e-mail, phone);
  2. c) Key properties of the goods or services provided (including after-sale services and warranties);
  3. d) Product availability (any product or service offered on the website should be available within a reasonable period);
  4. e) Terms and conditions of product delivery or service performance (method, place and period of delivery);
  5. f) All prices should be stated clearly and unambiguously; it should be clearly indicated whether the prices include taxes and delivery costs;
  6. g) Method of payment and delivery;
  7. h) Time period of the offer;
  8. i) The period within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and the terms and conditions of withdrawal; information on the costs of returning a product;
  9. j) Explanation of the complaint process, including full information about the contact person or customer service.

By confirming the order, the Buyer accepts the terms and conditions of operation and use.


If you need any information or help with the products and services available on our website, submitting orders, delivery, website use or return of goods, you can contact us via e-mail at


A purchase contract is concluded between the Provider and the Buyer at the moment when the Provider confirms the order and the Buyer receives an e-mail notification. From this moment all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to the Provider as well as the Buyer. By confirming the purchase, the Buyer accepts the general terms and conditions. The contract concluded by the Provider and the Buyer shall be permanently stored at the registered office of MIA NATURA d.o.o., Tivolska 48, SI-1000 Ljubljana, or on the Provider’s remote server with appropriate security measures in place. The User can obtain a copy by sending an e-mail request to:, or from the Provider’s secure remote server. After submitting the request, the Buyer shall receive a copy of the contract (the order) via e-mail.


The product prices are listed in EUR/€ and apply on the day of the order. Prices do not include VAT as the Provider is not a VAT-registered business. We reserve the right to amend prices without prior notice. Once the Buyer has confirmed the web store order, the prices listed at the time of order apply. The web store prices are clearly stated and apply to all buyers. The product prices do not include the costs of delivery.


In the web store it is possible to pay for products trough PAYPAL system. The Buyer shall receive the products along with an invoice with a breakdown of costs. Payment can only be made in a single amount.


The Provider shall post the ordered goods no later than five working days from receiving the order (for cash on delivery payments) or no later than five working days from receiving the payment (for bank account transfers). The time of delivery depends on the delivery service and could be from one to five working days from the day of posting the goods. 

  • We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders

In the event of a cash on delivery payment (Slovenia only), the Buyer shall also be required to pay the cash-on-delivery service fee under the Post of Slovenia price list, which is charged upon delivery.

We deliver world-wide. Particularly within the European Union, delivery is fast and straightforward – it takes between 3 and 10 days. Delivery time for countries outside the European Union it may take 14 to 60 days.


Under Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), in the event of a distance contract the Buyer is entitled to return the goods purchased within fifteen days of receipt. The Buyer is required to notify the Provider of the intended return via e-mail no later than fifteen days from receiving the goods. The goods shall be returned in the original packaging, unused and undamaged. The Buyer shall enclose with the goods a copy of the invoice, his or her personal information, and the current account to which the refund should be made. The costs of delivery for the return of goods shall be paid by the Buyer. The Provider shall make the refund no later than fifteen days from receiving the goods returned.


The Provider shall do its utmost to ensure the highest quality of products. Should the Buyer receive a faulty product, he or she shall notify the Provider of this immediately via e-mail and the Provider shall inform the Buyer of the complaint resolution process. The Provider reserves the right to reject the complaint if the product fault or damage is a consequence of incorrect handling by the Buyer.


The Buyer can only invoke his or her material defect rights in accordance with Article 37-37c of the Consumer Protection Act with the Seller. The Buyer shall provide a copy of the invoice, written notice of the defect and a detailed description of the defect. The Buyer shall give the Seller an opportunity to examine the affected product.


The Provider shall contact the User by means of remote communication if the User is not expressly opposed to this. Advertising e-mails shall include the following components:
– The sender shall be clearly stated;
– The e-mails shall be clearly marked as advertising messages;
– Various special offers, promotions and other marketing methods shall be marked as such. The terms and conditions of participation shall be clearly stated;
– The method of unsubscribing from advertising messages shall be clearly stated;
– The Provider shall respect the User’s request to stop receiving advertising messages.


The information provided by the Buyer shall be strictly confidential and treated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the RS no. 59/1999, 57/2001, 59/2001 – amended) and the Consumer Protection Act ZVPot-UPB1 (official consolidated text – Official Gazette of the RS no. 14/03). The Provider undertakes to permanently maintain the security of all personal data of the User. The Provider shall use the personal data exclusively for the purposes of fulfilling the order (sending information material, offers, invoices) and other communication. Under no circumstances shall the User’s data be disclosed to unauthorised parties. The User is responsible for the protection of his or her personal data by ensuring the security and protection of his or her username and password.


The Provider shall respect the applicable legislation on consumer protection. The Provider shall do its utmost to meet its obligation of establishing an effective system of complaint management and appointing a person whom the Buyer can contact by phone or e-mail in the event of problems. The User shall send the complaint to the Provider’s e-mail address. The Provider shall confirm the receipt of the complaint within five working days and inform the Buyer of the time needed to handle it. The Provider shall keep the Buyer informed of the progress throughout the process. The process of handling the complaint is confidential. The Provider recognises that the essential characteristic of a consumer dispute, at least in the event of a judicial settlement, is the disproportionate relationship between the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in the course of resolution. This is the main reason why the Consumer does not bring the dispute before a court. With this in mind, the Provider shall do its utmost to ensure that any disputes are resolved by common consent.


The Provider has high internal standards for processing customer orders, returns and complaints and makes every reasonable effort to keep up with current customer demands and legal regulations as much as possible.  In accordance with the 6th indent of Article 7 of the Electronic Commerce Market Act (ZEPT), the Provider states that it is not a signatory of the internet merchant code of conduct.


All content published on the webpage and subpages, including images and videos, is protected by copyright under the Copyright and Related Rights Act and is the property of the Provider, as are the Najlepši par brand and logo. The Provider permits the use of images and videos for personal purposes on social networks, blogs and photo galleries provided that the source is acknowledged.


All information is subject to change without prior notice. The Provider is also entitled to change these terms and conditions without prior notice. If you require additional explanation regarding the general terms and conditions of use, please do not hesitate to contact us.